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Saturday, July 29th, 2006
12:28 pm - Harry Potter Fanfiction-in-Progress at Blogathon

If this is not okay, I hope one of the admins will please delete without banning me from the community! I normally just harmlessly lurk here.
Harry Potter fanfiction in-progress during Blogathon!Collapse )

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
9:20 pm - Favourite Things

Author: Chaos Dancer
Title: Favourite Things
Rating: PG
Link: "http://www.livejournal.com/users/chaosdancer/76948.html"

Why?: This fic is amazing. I won't say anything, as it is best read without knowing anything about it. It is only short, so don't hesitate in reading!! You'll be glad you did.

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7:57 pm - Expecto Patronum

Title: Expecto Patronum
Author:After The Rain
Link: http://www.thedarkarts.org/authors/atrain/EP.html
Authors Summary: Remus and Tonks sit on the back stairs of Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place and
discuss Patroni and family resemblances. (Guaranteed 100% romance-free.)

Why I liked it: Nice interaction between our favourite werewolf and metamoraghus.


"It's just that the form of my Patronus is a bit ..." He swallows. "Well,
it's something of an embarrassment, to tell you the truth."

"Hissing cockroach?" I guess. "Giant slug? Intestinal parasite?"

He laughs. "No. Nothing like that." He slides the tips of his fingers along
his wand for a moment, hesitating. "All right, I'll show you. Expecto

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
5:31 pm - A Walk in the Park

Title: A Walk in the Park
Author: Lazy neutrino
Rating: PG
Found: The Dark Arts
Link: http://www.thedarkarts.org/authors/lazy_neutrino/AWIP.html
Authors Summary:You carry a lead, but it’s just for show. You tap it against your hand now,
and he comes charging up to you, rushing around you in enthusiastic circles.
‘Time to go home now, Padfoot.’ You know he doesn’t want to go home.

Why I liked it: This fic is just wow. I don't want to say too much though in case I wreck it. Enjoy :)

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
10:45 pm - Percy Weasley: Rogue Demon Hunter


Title: Percy Weasley: Rogue Demon Hunter
Author: Viola
House: Schnoogle
Rating: PG-13
Found: In a thread in the 'Help' forum
Link:  http://www.schnoogle.com/authorLinks/Viola/Percy_Weasley_Rogue_Demon_Hunter/

Summary: It's the summer after OotP, and Percy Weasley is a man without a mission.

Why I liked it: Percy would have to be one of the most hated character's in the HP universe at the moment. This is a witty, amusing look at Percy's life after OotP. Somewhat of a crossover with Angel, but you don't need to know anything about the series.

A snippet:

Here he was: Percy Weasley, age 20. Less than a week ago he'd been the youngest Junior Assistant ever to a Minister of Magic. Now, granted, that Minister was also likely to go down in history as one of the least effective to ever hold the office, but that had never bothered Percy much. Everyone had to start somewhere. But now, a scant two years out of Hogwarts, he was unemployed, alone and on the verge of being very, very broke.

He thought about this as his alarm went off on the morning of the fourth day and decided that, really, he was much better off in bed.

For the rest of his life


Features a lot of Ginny and Kingsley Shacklebolt, which I adore ;-)

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9:17 pm - Deny Thy Father

Title: Deny Thy Father (01)

Author name: LupinsLittleSister

Rating: PG-13

Link: http://www.thedarkarts.org/authorLinks/LupinsLittleSister/Deny_Thy_Father/

Summary: Do you really think disowning your family is easy? Sirius may have pretended to Harry that it meant nothing, but some would say it meant everything. The story of how Sirius Black came to leave home.

Why I liked it: Excellent portrayl of the Marauders, and Sirius' family. This story stuck in my head for quite awhile. Also highly reccomending it's companion piece Mantors

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9:04 pm


Title: Call and Response
Author: Vanzetti
Rating: G
Found: Astronomy Tower
Link: http://www.astronomytower.org/authors/vanzetti/CR.html
Authors Summary: Victor Krum had been told that being a Seeker wasn't just speed, skill and nerve. A good Seeker had to be able to see things before his opponent did. A great Seeker had to be able to see things no one else could ever spot.

Why I liked it: I found this cute little fic while on one of my Hermione/Krum spree's. It tells the story of Krum getting up the nerve to ask Hermione to the Ball in GoF. Very in character. Vanzetti  does a wonderful, likeable Krum.

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8:13 pm - The Other Black Girl


Title:  The Other Black Girl
Author:  Smelltastic
Link: http://www.schnoogle.com/authors/smelltastic/OBG01.html
Authors Summary:All her life Andromeda Black has been told that she must uphold the family honour and with her beautiful and talented sisters she cuts a swathe through the school. However dark forces are closing in on her family and Andromeda is slowly losing all that she took for granted as her sisters slip further and further away from her. Then something happens that changes her life forever. Will Andromeda take the chance with someone who dares to look past her family name?
Starting from childhood this is the story of ‘The Other Black Girl’.

Why I liked it: This is one of my favourite stories. Even though we havent met Andromeda in canon, she is a character that intrigues me, and Smelltastic's verision of events is a very compelling believable one. A must read for every Black fan. Features Slytherin!Andromeda, younger sister Bellatrix, and an interesting look into the dynamics and interactions of the pureblood society.

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7:55 pm - The Harpsichordist


Title: The Harpsichordist

Author: The Eighth Weasley

Rating: PG-13

Found: Schnoogle

Link: http://www.schnoogle.com/authorLinks/The_Eighth_Weasley/The_Harpsichordist/


[complete] Post-OotP. Luke Navarra has been hired to teach music at Hogwarts... but he's a Muggle. Will he survive Slytherin House? Wendy, his partner, stays behind as Luke heads off to Scotland, but soon learns that she's made a bad decision when the Death Eaters learn of her existence. Snape has his prejudices challenged, Hermione learns that talent comes in many forms, and Harry finds, if not an outlet for, at least a distraction from, his anger and grief.

Why I liked it: I found that I couldn't put this story down. It drew me in. The idea of muggles in Hogwarts has always intrigued me, and this fic dealt with it well. The musical aspect of the story was also very well written and interesting, the two OC's believable. Overall a good read.  

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